The Love Study (Malta) team would like to welcome you on board this exciting adventure that broadens your horizons for your future. So where do you start? There are five major steps to getting yourself abroad, starting with figuring out what you hope to achieve through your experience. Use this website to familiarize yourself with what you need to do and who you need to talk to in order to make your dream a reality and make the necessary preparations so that your plans will go as smoothly as possible

1. Define your objectives
Start here. At the beginning of the study abroad process, you need to consider your reasons for wanting to study abroad, as well as what is within the range of possibility academically.

2. Visit our Site
At this point you will start to find a place to accomplish the goals you set. A visit to the Study Abroad office will help get you oriented with information and advice. There are several resources to find programs here.

3. Meet your advisors
Meeting with a Study Abroad advisor is essential to getting yourself abroad. They provide important information and paperwork. You also need to meet with your academic advisors to get your courses approved.

4. Apply
This step contains information about applying to programs and having your courses approved, as well as information about getting a passport, your visa, and financial aid.

5. Prepare
You’re on your way so, what next?

In order to get to know you and your requirements better, here are some basic questions for us to obtain the necessary information about your study pursuit. This will enable us to better guide you through your unique and personalized experience.
Once again thank you for the initial contact and look forward to your responses.

1. When do you plan to start your study pursuit?
2. What are you pursuing do you want? English course, college, university, diploma, certificate …
3. What will be your level of English upon arrival? Basic, Intermediate …
4. What is your age?
5. If you are under 18 do you have your parent’s or guardian’s permission?
6. Are you travelling with someone or as a group?
7. What is the last year you finished school and /or training before attending your studies?
8. What type of accommodation do you prefer? Maltese family host, hostel, private room, etc …
9. Do you have the international vaccination card?
10. Have you ever taken the yellow fever vaccine?
11. Do you have a passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months before the start of your studies?
12. Does the person responsible for the payment have sufficient proof of finances that will cover around EUR 30 per day as living expenses, the value of the tuition and a return ticket?
13. Would you be interested in additional curriculum such as Drama, Music or Art Courses in your spare time?

If the interest is for colleges / universities, kindly also answer the questions below. These questions are not necessary if you are opting for English Language Course.

14. What were your grades in the last school year?
15. Do you have documentation of this?
16. Would it be possible to get a letter of recommendation from the school / college, that you completed the last school year?
17. Would you prefer to start the studies in January or September?
18. Do you have a career / subject in mind or are you un-decided?
19. Do you prefer college / university campus or another type of accommodation? Please explane
20. Are you interested in internships as part of your study pursuit?

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