At Love Study (Malta) we are a one-stop-shop for student and the academic instructions. We provide a wide range of services with our client in mind. These services are separated into two categories:

Student Placement International Student Supply
Visa Assistance Assistance with Student Documentation
Accommodation & Transfers Collection of fees
Tours & Activities Activates and Entertainment on Campus
Internships Supply Teachers and Academics
Work Placements Campus Facility Management

In order to take care of every aspect of sourcing and/or employing students and graduates. We fully appreciate that every client has different requirements and therefore we offer a full range of services to ensure we meet our clients every need.

Love Study (Malta) acts as the central point of contact for our partner agents. No matter which university or college you are recruiting for, you’ll always deal with Love Study (Malta), making things simpler and more consistent.

Love Study (Malta) will keep you updated with new information about our colleges and partner universities, as well as any new course offerings. You can always get in touch for any additional information you might need.

Love Study (Malta) also monitors how satisfied our partner agents, Academias’ and students  are with our work, and strives to ensure consistently exceptional service levels. We’re always keen to receive feedback, and actively pursue ways to make our relationships even more fruitful.