Cyprus Universities & Institutes

University /Institue Name Course Level Course Name StudyMode Duration Location Entry Requirement
Department of Accounting & Finance Master of Science in Corporate Finance & corporate Governance Full-time 12 Month Cyprus The student will Arrange the Documents Required of visa

PASSPORT COPY (1st and last page)

ACADEMICS (all mark sheets)

BANK LETTER & STATEMENT (Minimum Funds 8000 euros) (Format Attached)

POLICE CLEARANCE (from passport office)


Once all required documents are collected, please get the Apostle attestation on all Originals (only passport will be attested on copy)

Send us the attested documents in order for us to file the students visa.

After submission it will take min 30-40 working days for us to send you the visa copy and then students must pay the tuition fees in 3 working days to college and they can travel to cyprus along with 2000 euro .

  BA in Accounting and Finance    
    Diploma in Accounting & Finance    
  Diploma in Financial Markets & Security Analysis    
  Department of Business Master of Busines Administion (MSc)    
    BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies (Gneral Business)    
    BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies (Insurance)    
    BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies (International Bangking & Finance)    
    BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies (Marketing)    
    BSc in Corporate Administration    
    BSc in Real Estate Management    
    Higher Diploma in Estate Management    
    Diploma in Business Studies    
    Foundation Programme in Business studies    
  Faculty of Informatics and Telecommunications BSc in Information System Engineering    
    BSc in information Technology    
    BSc in Information Technology (Business Application)    
    BSc in Information Technology (Business Application) (Software Development)      
    Diploma in Information Technology (Business Application)      
    BSc in Multimedia & Internet Computing      
  Department of Education BA in Primary Education      
    BA in Pre-primary Education      
    Higher Diploma in Pre-primary and Primary Education      
    Diploma in Infant & Child Care      
    LL.B (Hons) in Law      
    Certificate in Law      
    Bachelor of Science in Psychology      
    Higher Diploma in Psychology      
    Diploma in Psychological Studies      
  Department of Nursing BSc (Hons) in Nursing      
  Languages & Communication Higher Diploma in office Communication & Languages      
    Higher Diploma in Tourism & Languges      
    BA in Public Relation (General)      
    BA in Public Relation (Languages)      
    BA in Public Relation (Travel & Tourism)      
    Diploma in Public Relations      
    BA in Jornalism      
University /Institute Name  Course Level Course Name   StudyMode Duration  Location Entry Requirement
  Master in Business Administration      
    Master in Business Administration (Distance Learning)      
    Bachelor in International Business      
          As Above
    Diploma in International Business      
    Diploma In Human Resource Management      
    Bachelor In Human Resource Management      
    Travel & Tourism Management      
    Hotel Management      
    Management Information System      
    Many More Courses Are there