Art Academy

Art Academy Malta was established in 2005 by Charles and Jackie Micallef. They had been in business for over 30 years but they always had the dream of setting up a place dedicated solely to Art, Art and more Art.

Art Academy Malta was born; an oasis of calm in the hectic commercial street where one can find a retail outlet at ground floor stocking all the materials an artist can dream of finding under one roof. Apart from the large selection of Art Materials, Art Academy also offers a comprehensive Framing Service. An intermediate floor is dedicated to Exhibition space- also known as the Art Gallery. Jackie, an artist herself for several years before Art Academy was established, uses the Gallery to showcase her latest Artworks. The first floor of Art Academy houses three large studios where Art, Pottery, Craft, Photography and other specialized lessons are organized. Art Academy is the place where the student or the artist who wishes to join a class can relax, learn, talk and discuss Art in all its various aspects.