Gateway School of English

Founded in 2002, Gateway School of English GSE has become one of Malta’s best English language schools, preferring quality to quantity, combining academic excellence, the best possible facilities and equipment with an extraordinary commitment to individual attention. This is our cutting edge. This is our competitive advantage.

A family enterprise, owned and managed by a dedicated family!

Gateway School of English (License no. 241/MB 08), fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and fully compliant with the regulations of the Ministry’s ELT English Language Teaching Council (the recognized authority regulating the English language teaching industry in Malta), and the Gateway School Residence are owned and managed by Netz Educational Services Ltd., a company registered (Registration no. C26605) under Maltese law on the 27th of June, 2000.

The founders of the company are Mrs. Maria Sammut and Mr. Charles Sammut. The family work hands-on at the School and the Residence. They bring to their work the attention to detail and the dedication typical of the best traditions of European Mittelstand enterprise, to borrow the German term.
The company owns the School and its adjacent residential complex. In the best traditions of European Mittelstand, we prefer to own all our assets. The buildings are constructed on our own land and are wholly owned by us.

The family supervised the whole construction process from design and the laying of foundations to decoration, the acquisition of furniture, the recruitment of teachers, the development of courses and marketing. Today, they manage the day-to-day operations themselves. They dedicate themselves 24/7 to the School, the whole year round.

The Director of Studies, Mr. Roman Azzopardi, together with the assistant Director of Studies, Ms Rebekka Mamo, co-ordinates his work closely with the family, thus ensuring the highest standards of pedagogic professionalism with first-hand attention by the owners and the dedication typical of a family enterprise.