Saint Martin’s Institute

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education was established in 1985 with the aim of providing tuition in computer studies when such programs were non-existent in Malta. The growth of the Institute, which knows very humble beginnings, is owed to the value of quality education that the founder and the first members of staff have always fostered. Cohort after cohort of students, year after year, managed to attain exceptional results at whichever level they sat for.

These successes automatically propagated very positive word of mouth praise of Saint Martin’s, which brought in students in greater numbers but also pushed the institute to provide education programs at an even higher level. The Institute’s red-letter date is the year 2000 when for the very first time in Malta, students were offered the opportunity to read for a degree other than at the State University. Saint Martin’s Institute had been accepted by the world-renowned University of London to offer tuition to Maltese students for the BSc (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems.

It had taken five years for the University to acknowledge the preparedness of the Institute to be able to deliver such a program. By 2005, with a track record of over 40% of graduates attaining first-class honors, it was then the University of London itself that encouraged the Institute to offer a wider variety of degrees in various fields of study.

The very next year, Saint Martin’s Institute accepted its first full-time student cohort and in 2013 through the enactment of the Further and Higher Education Legislation, the Institute achieved its license as an Institute of Higher Education with awarding powers at Malta Qualification Framework level 5, 6, 7 and 8. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is honored with an Affiliate Institution Status by the University of London, one of 28 such Institutions to enjoy such a prestigious position in the global network. Such a status is renewed every five years after a rigorous audit which the University carries out on all the operations of the organization.

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