Courses of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy


All our courses can be adapted and tailored to suit groups

according to specifications and requirements.


HELEN O’GRADY ACADEMY:    Lessons are designed to promote on-going self-confidence, encourage clear speech and nurture their creative talents through a dynamic curriculum that really works. (10 hours)


THE FUN FACTORY SUMMER WORKSHOPS:  Our summer programme perfectly merges arts and crafts, music and movement, sports activities and even science with developmental drama so that everything is interconnected to a light-hearted production. (9 hours per week/ 36 hours across 4 weeks)


DANCE at HOG:  Dance is a primal part of the human experience and transcends cultures and time periods like no other art form. Our courses do not focus on a genre but rather work on physical development, social awareness, and emotional maturity. (10 hours)


Little & LARGE: For young children aged 1 and 2, and their mum or dad. This unique programme has a wealth of educational activities focusing largely on motor skills, rhythm, sensory play, self-exploration, and interaction. (10 hours)


CORPORATE PROGRAMME:  A dynamic programme offering management training skills, team building, presentation skills, customer service and more.  (Group specific).