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At Harmonic Ensemble Music & Voice Academy

  • We do not judge anybody on how ‘good/bad’ they are at singing (EVER!)
  • We do believe that singing is a learned skill and that anybody can learn to sing
  • Where you are sitting right now… We were also there before
  • Improving your voice is A PROCESS.

Here are some common issues Harmonic Ensemble Music & Voice Academy addresses:

Sometimes I feel like I’m pushing or straining on my high notes…

We’ll show you how to blend your low and high voice together so there’s no need to push up your bottom voice to reach high notes. Start singing with ease and presence.

Sometimes I feel like I’m singing in two voices with a break in the middle…

We use vocal exercises that erase the break to give you a connected voice. Learn to sing so it sounds like one voice from bottom to top.

Sometimes my voice feels weak and breathy…

We can show you how to sing more like how you speak so your voice is clear and full. When you can sing any of your notes at a quiet, medium or loud dynamic, you have more musical expressivity.

Build your range, smooth out the bumps, and start enjoying your voice more…all by using the unique vocal tools and exercises. Depending on your needs we may also address vibrato, melodic and stylistic flexibility, vocal care and therapy, application to songs and styles.



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