Inlingua International

INLINGUA  has close to 40 years of experience, and pride themselves on being the 2nd language school to have been established on the island.

As part of the Inlingua International franchise made up of 308 centres in 34 different countries, INLINGUA has always been a trendsetter in Malta’s EFL industry.

This language school offers something for everyone- with guaranteed start dates for every course, every Monday of the year! Whether its Business English for every possible level, family programs for children as young as 5 or specialized exam preparation courses – our portfolio sets us aside from the competition.

INLINGUA International is renowned for maintaining the quality standards, and it’s commitment to quality has proven to be the key to their success! With average class sizes of 6 and a maximum class size of 10- the level of dedication to our students remains unparalleled.

Why not embark on your own personalized learning journey with INLINGUA Malta- and continue it using the same methods and materials at your local INLINGUA center once you’re home!

The first and only language school in Malta certified in:

  • ISO certified since 2015
    • ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
    • ISO 29990 (Quality Management for Learning Services – Education).
  • Minister of Education Malta


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