The UK is a world leader in many areas of education including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law and finance. The UK’s reputation and legacy as a world center for scientific research makes it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world. With only one per cent of the world’s population, the UK is responsible for eight per cent of global scientific publications.

The UK offers a world-renowned education system with qualifications that can make a real difference to your future. It attracts over 600,000 international students each year to a variety of programs, ranging from English language courses to PhDs.

The UK education system gives students the freedom to combine courses and subjects from different areas of studies, so you can tailor your degree to your own needs and interest.

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The UK Home Office has made changes to its guidance on Secure English Language Test (SELT) providers. We encourage you to check the full text here.

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Why study in the UK?
The UK attracts over 6,00,000 international students each year on a variety of programs, from English language courses to PhDs. Find out why the UK is such a popular study destination.

Students in the UK
Courses in the UK
The UK is home to some of the world’s top universities, which attract thousands of students and researchers every year, including many from India. Are you thinking of studying in the UK?

Visa application form and passport
Student visa to the UK
Find out how you can apply for a student visa and understand the point-based visa system in the UK.

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Student life in the UK
As an international student, you’ll find an array of exciting experiences ahead of you and will have the opportunity to discover exotic places and meet new people.

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Our events and seminars
Throughout the year, we host a variety of exhibitions, fairs, seminars etc. for the benefit of students, parents and anyone wanting to learn about education opportunities in the UK.