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University /Institute Name Course Level Course Name StudyMode Duration Location Entry Requirement
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Bachelors degree Automated Electrical Systems (AES) Full-time 3Years Košice, Slovakia The requirement for the Degree courses is a High School/Secondary School graduation certificate and sufficient English
• The requirement for the Masters degree courses is the graduation certificate, and sufficient English
Following documents need to be provided by applicant:
• Letter of inquiry explaining educational background (= brief CV)
• Application form
• Certificate about completed education
• Recommendation letter (from previous studies or workplace).
Motivation letter to management of the Faculty.
Check List for Visa :
1) RP form filled by hand.
2) National D Visa
3) PCC not more than 90 days old should be translated.
4) Bank declaration letter (translated) and bank statement.
5) Accommodation confirmation from the university (in Slovakian language).
6) Fees confirmation letter from the university.
7) Transcript and degree certificate should be translated to Slovakian language and should HRD+MEA Done.
8) Visa fees 60 Euros, should be carried as INR.
9) 2 copies of all the documents and that should be notarized.
10) Final acceptance letter and visa papers in Slovakian language.
11) Travel ticket (dummy) .
12) Travel Insurance of 1 yr 30,000 Euros.
13) Affidavit in Rs.100/- stamp paper,should be translated and MEA done.
14) NOC from the parents in 100 Rs stamp paper also apostle the same, should be translated.
15) Approx 5 to 6 thousand as RP fees.
16) Declaration of Integrity certificate with MEA done, should be translated.
    Bachelors degree Electrical power engineering (EPE) Full-time 3Years Košice, Slovakia
    Bachelors degree Smart Electronics Full-time 3Years Košice, Slovakia
  Bachelor degree Informatics Full-time 3Years Košice, Slovakia
    Master degree Electrial power engineering (EPE) Full-time 2 Years Košice, Slovakia
    Master degree Electrical Systems (ES) Full-time 2 Years Košice, Slovakia
    Master degree Smart Electronics Full-time 2 Years Košice, Slovakia
    Master degree Informatics Full-time 2 Years Košice, Slovakia
  Facultry of Economics Bachelors Degree – Public Administration and Regional Development Full-time 3 Years Košice, Slovakia
    Master Degree Public administration and Regional Development Full-time 2 Years Košice, Slovakia