Helen O’Grady DRAMA Academy

The international Helen O’Grady Academy provides students of all ages with a unique drama-based developmental programme.

Our courses are available throughout the year and allow students, from the shy to the outgoing, to develop at their own pace, with plenty of positive encouragement.

We believe that enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with others will have an inside track to lifetime success.


Above all, lessons are GREAT FUN.

With well over 100,000 students attending our weekly development programme in 38 countries, the international Helen O’Grady Academy really is the most popular drama academy in the world.  And with almost 40 years experience we really are experts in child development.

The core aims of the Helen O’Grady Academy are to provide a self-development drama programme encouraging

Enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life

  • Ongoing confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Skill in verbal communication
  • Effective social interaction
  • Performance skills

Our extensive curriculum, designed over years by experts in their field, as well as our dynamic teachers and easily accessible venues, make this a truly community-based organisation, with a strong emphasis on the care of all its students.

The Helen O’Grady Academy is the only school of its kind that works with a set curriculum designed to help children develop clear, articulate speech, a fluent delivery and the ability to converse and discuss in a creative manner.

We are not in the business of turning children into stars, focusing instead on tapping into their inherent creativity and encouraging them to come out of their shells.