Malta is one of the world’s very few truly bilingual countries. It’s very rare to find a Maltese person who doesn’t speak English. By law, all English teachers must be qualified and certified to teach.

300 days of sunshine per year. You will not be freezing under piles of snow and ice. You will not wake up every day to a cloudy sky. You will get an awesome tan.

Low Cost!
You will pay a small fraction of what it would cost to study and travel in Great Britain, the Americas, or Oceania. Food, transportation, living expenses, and tuition are all very economical.

Lots to See!
Despite its small size, Malta is surprisingly rich in culture and history. Many ancient and modern world powers desired this strategic island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and left their mark on its landscape. From the world’s oldest buildings to the castle-city of Mdina, to the chessboard fortress of Valletta, Malta’s many World Heritage Sites will dazzle your eyes!


Friendly, Safe, Relaxed!
Many travelling students have struggled with the “cold culture” found in other English speaking lands. Malta has the cure! A family-based, laid-back, warm-region culture with Mediterranean folks ready to help at the slightest request, creates a welcome change and relief! It’s also one of the safest places on earth.

If you study English in Malta, you will be surrounded by thousands of others who are doing the same thing. This not only creates a great learning experience and opportunity to make friends, but also provides avenues for you to find connections with people from your own country who can help you out.

The Sea!
The water is so blue! Malta is one of the best diving sites in Europe. Whether you enjoy swimming, sailing, or just lying on the beach, Malta is the place to be! It’s so beautiful that many film productions have chosen Malta as a shooting location. Find us on Gladiator, Troy, World War Z, Captain Phillips, Game of Thrones, and many more! New Zealand has great film sites? We do too.