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7 Ways to raise funds for your Studies Abroad

Most schools make due with minimal funding. If you’d like to take your students on an exciting trip abroad, you might need to have a meeting of the minds about how to fund that trip. Don’t worry though – a little creativity can take you a long way. There’s no problem that can’t be solved with spirited effort and excited students.

1 . Use the Internet
Crowdfunding platforms are wildly popular for a whole host of goals. Some people use them for emergency assistance and others use them as a means to accomplish a goal. Set up a crowdfunding page for your trip. Parents who can afford to contribute substantially will be able to do so, as will the friends and family members of the students going on the trip. You might even receive donations from kind strangers.

2. Call in Some Extra Hands
If you want to arrange a fundraising event, things may be a little complicated. You might not have access to handy people with the skills required to host the event or provide services. You can hire volunteers who will gladly do some work to gain experience worthy of a resume. When you can’t do it all on your own, there’s no shame in asking for help.

3. Get Donations from Big Helping Hands
Corporations often provide funding for student trips or projects. You just may be lucky enough to find a small business that can pitch in a few dollars as well. Charitable for-profit organizations usually love to sponsor students. It’s a great way to give back to the community. While you’re away, make sure to take plenty of photos to send back to your donors.

4. Let Student Artists and Artisans Shine

Your most creative students would be glad to provide their art or craft projects for a great cause. If your class makes something, like paintings, jewelry, or pottery, have them sell it. It’s more effective and unique than selling premade items from a catalog. Think of it like Etsy for a more ambitious goal.

5. Encourage Your Students to Be Troublemakers
What do your students do that they aren’t allowed to do? Things like eating candy or using headphones in class are counterproductive to an optimal learning environment. Let your students pay to break some small rules. Do they want to come to school out of uniform? Charge them. Your students will feel like they’re doing something slightly rebellious, and all of the money can go right into your trip fund.

6. Get the Community Involved
If your trip abroad is going to be especially costly, turn to your friends and neighbors. Providing a service to the community (like tidying up lawns or light gardening work) will usually yield payment that’s more than fair. Members of a community want to see its students grow up to be educationally fulfilled.

7. Host a Competitive Event
People love sports and contests. They’d love to donate money to your students in order to be involved. Anything from a pie eating contest to a family ball game will draw in a crowd. People are always looking for family friendly excitement, and if you charge a small participation fee, you’d be surprised to see how quickly things add up.

Always ask your students for ideas. Bright young minds would certainly be able to come up with a way or two to raise the funds for a trip they’re excited to take. Let their passion fuel your fundraising efforts