Courses of Malta International Training Centre


Founded in 1981, the Malta International Training Centre has acquired international repute in a variety of training fields particularly in Insurance, Risk Management, Financial Services, Investments, Actuarial Studies and Regulation. Through the Education Consultative Council, set up by the Malta Financial Services Authority, the MITC has played an active role in assessing training needs in the industry and in addressing these demands through standard programmes and customised programmes.





 Actuarial Studies


 Captive and Managed Insurance Companies


 Accounting and Auditors



 Insurance Broking Certificate



 Insurance Underwriting



 Malta Commonwealth programme in Insurance

 Regulation and Supervision


 Reinsurance Programme


 Advanced Applied Insurance Studies Diploma


 Applied Insurance Studies Diploma


 Diploma in Corporate Finance Treasury and Portfolio



 Diploma in Financial Services Operations and



 Diploma in Insurance


 Diploma in Risk Management


 Certificate in Insurance


 Certificate in Risk Management


 Tied Insurance Intermediaries Certificate



 Advanced Diploma in Insurance